Payroll Services

AK Accounting Services - Payroll

We are skilled and expert to help the required payroll accounting for a company. This involves recording of the employees’ compensation, wages, bonuses, commissions, etc. after processing all the taxes. Our payroll services cover businesses ranging from one employee up to large workforces, so whether you’re looking for contractor payroll advice or small business payroll services, we can help you.

What we offer?

We can handle all aspects of payroll for you, including sending out secure, personalised payslips, handling payroll changes such as bonuses and statutory sick pay, and navigating the legal and regulatory aspects of payroll.

  • Payslips format and reports
  • Insurance to all level
  • Incentive schemes, termination and bonus payments
  • Completion of end of year returns for employees and Inland Revenue
  • Staff cost reporting and advice